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Buyers Guide to Linear Modern Electric Fireplaces

Linear fireplaces within the broader fireplace market are witnessing substantial growth, capturing the interest of consumers in both new constructions and existing homes. The allure of linear fireplaces lies in the diverse array of options available, ranging from contemporary and sleek designs to those with a more traditional aesthetic.


The surge in popularity of today's linear fireplaces can be attributed to several factors. The rectangular shape of these fireplaces aligns seamlessly with consumers' preferences for sleek and modern designs. Furthermore, their adaptability allows for installation in various spaces, presenting two distinct options: direct vent gas linear fireplaces, requiring venting, and linear electric fireplaces, which demand no venting.


The distinctive vertical orientation of linear fireplaces contributes to their elongated width and shorter height, embodying a modern design ethos that imparts a sleek and streamlined look to any space.


When it comes to venting a linear gas fireplace, the process mirrors that of a standard direct-vent fireplace. Your chosen hearth installation professional can guide you in determining the most effective venting strategy for your home. On the other hand, electric linear fireplaces offer the advantage of requiring no venting, making them an excellent choice for those seeking the ambiance of a fireplace—whether with or without heat—throughout the year.


Benefits of a Linear Fireplace

The design of a linear fireplace effortlessly lends itself to a contemporary aesthetic, providing the flexibility to position this style of fireplace in unique locations within a home. The shorter profile of a linear fireplace also makes it aesthetically conducive to installing a television above.


In homes where a traditional fireplace is already a focal point in one area, incorporating a linear fireplace in another section adds a delightful touch of warmth. Get creative with the ability to install a linear fireplace higher on a wall behind a soaking tub, enhancing the ambiance of the space. Another inventive idea is to introduce a linear fireplace to an entry area, providing a versatile and stylish means of creating cozy corners throughout your home. The adaptability of linear fireplaces opens up a wealth of possibilities for crafting inviting and comfortable spaces.


The Basics

A specialized hearth installation professional collaborates with you to determine the optimal size for a linear fireplace in your chosen space. Additionally, the choice between an electric or gas fireplace requires consideration based on your home's requirements.


Direct vent linear gas fireplaces eliminate the need for a chimney, expelling combustion gas through a wall-mounted vent or roof outlet. With the added advantage of optional heat management systems, these fireplaces accommodate hanging artwork or televisions above, providing versatility in design.


Notably, these fireplaces bring a heightened level of convenience highly appreciated by homeowners. From remote-controlled functionalities to zone heating specific areas of your home, linear fireplaces seamlessly complement a home's central heating systems.


The operational cost of gas linear fireplaces varies, influenced by factors like the chosen design's BTUs and local gas costs. On average, running a gas fireplace costs around $1 per hour. Larger models like Primo and Mezzo linear gas fireplaces may cost approximately $1.50 per hour, while the 36” units run at about $0.75 per hour. In comparison, electric linear fireplaces typically operate at a cost ranging from one to 18 cents per hour.


Abundant Options

The decision between a gas or electric linear fireplace hinges on factors such as your preferred or available fuel choice, the chosen placement within your space, desired heat output, budget considerations, and the overall design of your home. With a diverse array of linear fireplace options available, you can discover the ideal fit for your home or even opt for a customizable version to personalize your fireplace according to your unique preferences.


Electric Linear Fireplaces

Linear electric fireplaces offer a seamless solution for introducing a fireplace into various spaces within your home, eliminating the need for venting, gas lines, or screens.


Electric fireplaces don’t need hot air venting, which opens up many opportunities to place the linear fireplace almost anywhere within new construction or in remodeling situations. There are some situations where gas simply isn’t an option, and that’s where electric fireplaces come in. The absence of significant heat generation allows for the continuous enhancement of a home's ambiance throughout the entire year.


Allusion Electric Fireplace

Regarded as the quintessential no-fuss electric fireplace, the Allusion electric fireplace caters to those seeking a sleek and contemporary ambiance at an affordable price point. Especially well-suited for homes with limited space, the Allusion features a shallow footprint, enabling it to be partially or fully recessed into a wall.


Allusion Platinum Electric Fireplace

For individuals seeking an electric linear fireplace that commands attention, the Allusion Platinum stands out as the perfect choice. With its minimal frame, expansive viewing area, inconspicuous heat vents, and polished finish, the Allusion Platinum mirrors the aesthetic appeal of its linear gas fireplace counterparts.


Scion Electric Linear Fireplace

Exuding a distinct and dramatic presence, the Scion stands as a built-in electric linear fireplace, featuring an expansive viewing area and a deep fire bed that can be customized with either clear crystal or driftwood logs (glowing embers come standard). Elevating its sophistication, accent lighting subtly highlights the fireplace's sleek design. The Scion, being built-in rather than fully or partially recessed, offers enhanced flexibility with various finishing material options.


Scion Trinity

Featuring an exceptionally deep ember bed, the new Scion Trinity electric linear fireplace offers a captivating experience from various angles, presenting versatile two-sided and three-sided installation options. The Scion Trinity, exuding a sleek and chic aesthetic, showcases a clear crystal ember bed media or a driftwood log set. For added distinction, an upgrade to the Alpine Timber or Natural Birch ShadowGlo HD log set elevates the allure of this remarkable fireplace.