sideline 50 inch white framed electric fireplace with flames and heatsideline 50 inch white framed electric fireplace with flames and heat

Touchstone Sideline 50″ White Linear Electric Fireplace – 80029

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Product Description

  • Fixed Glass Front
  • Built-in (Recessed) or Wall Mount
  • White Frame
  • LED Flame Technology
  • Remote Control
  • 120V Plug-in or Hardwire
  • Logs and Crystals included

Back Dimensions: 46.87″W x 20.25″H x 5.2″D
Overall Dimensions: 50.4″W x 21.5″H x 5.5″D
Viewing Area: 45″W x 12″H
Weight: 59 lbs.

The Sideline®50 White Recessed Electric Fireplace offers a clean, modern look. The units realistic flames, featuring two heat settings and multiple colors allow you to customize your atmosphere. The Touchstone Sideline® 50 White Electric Fireplace was designed to meet the needs of contractors and do-it-yourself installers, who are looking for the beauty of a Touchstone™ fireplace mounted flush to a wall. This fireplace has three color changing options (orange, blue, and blue-orange), along with five settings, from a soft ember glow or an intense blaze.

The versatile Sideline® 50 White electric fireplace offers two installation options. Although it is essentially designed for insertion in your wall, it can also be mounted on your wall. Instructions for mounting and install come with the fireplace, and we recommend you follow the simple instructions provided. We recommend placing your Sideline® 50 White at least 20” below your ceiling or 12” below your mounted flat screen TV because of its heating feature.