touchstone 80006 forte extra tall modern electric fireplace with glass fronttouchstone 80006 forte extra tall modern electric fireplace with glass front

Touchstone Forte 40″ Recessed Electric Fireplace – 80006

$849.00 $549.00


Product Description

  • Fixed Glass Front
  • Built-in (Recessed)
  • Black Frame
  • LED Flame Technology
  • Remote Control
  • 120V Plug-in or Hardwire
  • Logs and Crystals included

Back Dimensions: 32.5″W x 25.31″H x 5.25″D
Overall Dimensions: 40″W x 26.5″H x 5.625″D
Viewing Area: 31″W x 17″H
Weight: 45 lbs.

The Forte Electric Fireplace offers the same recessed-wall install as our popular Sideline Electric Fireplace, but with a narrower and taller flame display at 31″ wide x 17″ tall, all in a streamlined design. Free of distracting buttons and vents, The Forte™ Electric Fireplace features a streamlined mounting design for easy installation inside of a wall. Mounting is available on the back or sides of the unit. Simple to operate, the fireplace’s heat and flame settings are fully controlled by a hand held remote. The 17-inch high glass display showcases the realistic flames beautifully; while small, unobtrusive heat vents on the glass keep the focus on the fire.

The Forte™ heating feature is designed so that the heat is released through the front of the unit. Therefore, recessing The Forte™ within your wall is not a fire hazard. As with all electric fireplaces, we recommend placement of The Forte™ Electric Fireplace at least 12 inches below your ceiling. In some instances, customers have placed The Forte™ Electric Fireplace under a wall mounted, flat screen television. When mounted below a TV, we recommend mounting the fireplace at least 12 inches below bottom of the TV.